The Quad Cities Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA) receives certain federal transportation funds to prioritize and locally select projects for those funds.  This is known as the project selection and programming process.  The Quad Cities Transportation Policy Committee (TPC) is delegated the authority to program funds by the Bi-State Regional Commission.  The Bi-State Regional Commission, as the Metropolitan Planning Organization, receives its authority under the currently authorized federal transportation act.

The Quad Cities TPC is responsible for programming monies for Surface Transportation Program (STP); Transportation Alternatives (TAP); and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 5307, 5310, and 5339 funding under MAP-21.  A general explanation of these funds and the funding levels available is located in the Quad Cities Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).  Cross-reference the document on the TIP page of this website for more information on these funding programs.

Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST), the new transportation act adopted in December 2015, may require some modifications of the programming process for the various funding sources.  Details will be provided when administrative rules are available on these changes.

Project Selection – Roads, Trails/Pedestrians and Transit

Federal Highway Administration Funds.  Bi-State Regional Commission staff have developed two manuals to outline the project selection and programming process for STP and TAP funds.  Surface Transportation Program funds have typically been used to fund road improvements but allow for transit and trails improvements.  Transportation Alternatives Funds have typically been used on bicycle trails but allow for sidewalk improvements, safe routes to schools pedestrian improvements, and other related projects.  The manuals detail program eligibility, application information, selection process, and evaluation criteria.

2016 Surface Transportation Block Grant Program Evaluation Manual - Adopted 2016
pdf 2016-12-STBG-program-manual.pdf (1.70 MB)

2016 STBG Request for Projects Memo
pdf IAQC STBG Application Request Memo_2016.pdf (263 KB)
pdf ILQC STBG Application Request Memo_2016.pdf (263 KB)

2016 Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program Evaluation Manual - Adopted November 2016
pdf 2016-12-TASA-manual.pdf (442 KB)

2016 TASA Request for Projects Memo
pdf IAQC TASA Application Request Memo_2016.pdf (263 KB)
pdf ILQC TASA Application Request Memo_2016.pdf (264 KB)

As federal funds, approved projects are required to be amended into an annual element of the current TIP and follow the federal project development process in cooperation with the respective Illinois or Iowa Department of Transportation to move a project from programmed to implementation.

Federal Transit Administration Funds.  FTA transit funds in the metropolitan area are apportioned to the Quad Cities (Davenport, IA-IL) Urbanized Area by formula.  The national apportionments by FTA appear in the Federal Register annually.  It is an annual lump sum for the Iowa-Illinois metropolitan area for certain FTA funding sources.  The following funds, 5307 – Urbanized Area Formula Funds, 5310 – Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities, and 5339- Bus and Bus Facilities, are suballocated by a local mutually agreed on formula and facilitated by Bi-State Regional Commission.

5307 Funds.  The local 5307 formula reflects the formula used by FTA, including population, density, ridership, revenues, and mileage.  The three public fixed-route transit systems – Bettendorf Transit, Davenport CitiBus, and Illinois Quad Cities MetroLINK – are direct recipients of 5307 monies.  These 5307 monies are dispensed to the direct recipients by Bi-State Regional Commission, the designated recipient for FTA funds in the metro area.

5310 Funds.  The 5310 is suballocated by population.  These 5310 monies are dispensed to Bettendorf Transit and Davenport CitiBus through a supplemental agreement.  The 5310 monies in the Illinois Quad Cities are dispensed through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Bi-State Regional Commission and Illinois Department of Transportation (ILDOT).  The portion of 5310 funds attributed to the Illinois Quad Cities is directed through the ILDOT’s Commercial Vehicle Procurement (CVP) funding application process.  Eligible applicants in the metro area submit projects through a competitive grant program administered by ILDOT.

5339 Funds.  The 5339 funds are suballocated by formula.  For 5339 funds, Bi-State Regional Commission acts as the designated and direct recipient of the funds and dispenses these funds through a subrecipient agreement with the three fixed-route systems.

As federal funds, transit projects using 5307, 5310, or 5339 funds are required to be amended into an annual element of the current TIP.  They can then be placed in a FTA grant to begin implementation of the project.