April 27, 2016 – Since its inception in 1966, Bi-State has had two names.  At its first meeting on October 19, 1966, the newly-formed board opened business as the Bi-State Metropolitan Planning Commission.  At that meeting, the first slate of officers was elected: Richard LeBuhn as Chairman, Howard Reisman as Vice Chairman, George Havercamp as Secretary, and N. Layne McGehee as Treasurer.  The first executive director was William Luhman.

At the November 28, 1990 meeting, the board under Executive Director Gary Vallem voted to change Bi-State Metropolitan Planning Commission to Bi-State Regional Commission.  According to the minutes of that meeting, it was felt that the terms “metropolitan” and “planning” were no longer appropriate as Bi-State’s geographical service area was larger than the metropolitan area, and planning contributed to roughly 25% of the agency’s services.  Whatever you call it, Bi-State will celebrate its 50 years of supporting regional cooperation on October 26, 2016 in place of the monthly meeting.  Details on the event will be made available at a later date.