QCA Airport LogoJune 26, 2013 – Cathy Rochau, Marketing Director for the Quad City International Airport, presented to the Commission changes that have been made since last year. The main, 10,000 ft. runway was completely overhauled for $34 million, and new runway lights were installed. From FFY2009 to FFY 2013, the airport received $41 million in grants. The $3.1 million addition to the building that houses the snow removal equipment is nearly complete.

The airport has future plans for the creation of a general aviation customs facility that would cost about $2.8 million. The facility would house federal inspection services and the civil air patrol. This would allow the airport to handle international charter flights and accommodate larger planes with more passengers. Currently, the airplanes coming from other countries have to make stops at other airports to go through customs before coming to the Quad Cities. Customs agents would need to be brought in with the expansion of services.

Another future project includes a new rental car service facility. Multiple rental car companies would be housed in the new facility. The airport is currently gathering bids for this $7 million project.
Frontier Hospitality is working on plans to build a Holiday Inn Express next to the airport that, in addition to rooms, would have capability to accommodate social functions.

Enplanements are down 5.6% from last year, largely due to weather. However, Ms. Rochau explained that enplanements are usually slow at the beginning of the year but increase in summer. Anotherreasonforthedropinenplanementsisduetothefactthatairlinesare capping passenger numbers. The airport keeps looking into new airline carriers to pick up business. The Quad City International Airport is looking to expand service to Washington, D.C.; New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; and Fort Myers, FL.

To conclude her presentation, Ms. Rochau noted that the Quad Cities is a top 10 destination city. The Quad City International Airport’s website is mobile friendly, and there is free cell lot parking.