March 28, 2018 – Annually, the Quad Cities and Region 9 FY2019 Transportation Planning Work Programs (TPWPs) reflect Bi-State staff transportation work activities and budget funding to accomplish that work for July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019.  Gena McCullough, Planning Director, described the tasks and activities to be undertaken by the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and Region 9 for FY2019.  She identified four work categories in the TPWPs and highlighted these areas: program support and administration, general development and comprehensive planning, long-range transportation planning, and short-range transportation planning.  Key issues include improving river crossing capacity, reducing congestion, integrating safety and security into processes, coordinating modes and connectivity, and helping local jurisdictions implement planned projects.

Ms. McCullough reported transportation planning fund targets for FY2019 that reflect relatively static funding levels for both the Quad Cities MPO and Region 9 Planning Area.  The MPO federal share of funds include Iowa Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 5305d - $56,749, Iowa Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Planning - $270,609 (with carryover), Illinois FTA 5305d - $74,937 (with carryover), and Illinois FHWA Planning - $295,107.  FTA 5307 Urban Transit Planning funds for the metropolitan transit systems are noted in the Quad Cities program.

The Region 9 federal share of funds include $10,000 Surface Transportation Block Grant, $20,152 FTA 5305e (with carryover), $20,033 FHWA- Special Planning and Research (SPR).  All funds are matched with 20% local member dues.

The respective Technical and Policy Committees provide information and feedback on the program activities, while the Bi-State Regional Commission approves the budget and contracts.  Transportation planning funds represent nearly 50% of the Bi-State Regional Commission budget.